Rags to Riches Legacy Style

A lot of sims players like to play the legacy challenge, I am not one of those people. I much prefer rags to riches-type challenges. Any version, I have probably made up at least 20 different variations of the same challenge. College rags to riches, Witches rags to riches, farmer rags to riches, retail rags to riches, you name it I’ve done it. Legacy style challenges however are not my cup of tea, I just don’t like children’s sims. They can’t really do that much, just hang out and go to school. Most times in my rags to riches I play my sim till they get married and are rich and then I play a new challenge. I have always wanted to play with kids but just never find the motivation to.

So to solve all of these problems I have “invented” the Rags to Riches Legacy style. This challenge has all of the same rules as a rags to riches challenge except you have to keep playing until you reach 10 generations. Each generation has to start off with 0 Simoleons and has a different theme or way of making money. Below are the first three generations. This is an add-on to the rags to riches challenge, the rules for the original challenge should be followed as well.

This is an example of how your sim may start out.

Gen 1: Maker sim. Your sim loves to make things and wants to be one with nature, get out your woodworking bench and craft away, most of the things in your house should be crafted or fully upgraded. Mostly Wood tones for your house, log cabin style. If you have Eco lifestyle you can try to be off the grid/Eco friendly. Try to get to riches.

Gen 2: Gardener sim. Your sim gets kicked out of their parent’s house and is forced to start life from the ground up. For added difficulty you can make your female sim pregnant, then she has to figure out how to provide for herself and the child. Your sim gardens for money and if you have seasons they can be a flower arranger as well. Try to get to riches.

Gen 3: College sim. Your sim leaves their parents to go to college (if you have discover university). Your sim wants to have the life that their parents never had. Your sim will forage and try to survive while attending university. Once your sim graduates from university whatever money they have accumulated with go to building them a house to live in. Try to get to riches.

Garden for your sim!

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