Rags to Riches Gen 2 Part 1

Welcome back! We left off on a big cliffhanger with Paris being pregnant and nowhere to go. Well, this is what happened next, I moved Paris into an empty lot in Grims Quarry and had her call Warren. I have a mod that I have that has a lot of different options that are perfect for this situation. Like Paris told Warren that he was the dad and he denied it and refused to support his child.

Warren saw a cute girl and went for it, was it his fault? Yes, is he going to take credit for it? No, why would he do that? He does not want a child, he has his whole life ahead of him, he left her in the dust never to be seen again, childhood friend gone forever. After this dramatic scenario, Paris started to dumpster dive and forage to try and get some money. For this generation of the challenge I had one rule and that was that my sim could not “Dive for deals”. This interaction got my sim way too much money in the previous generation and that made it too easy and therefore not fun, so no more of that.

After a while, Paris gave birth to a healthy baby girl named London. She is blond like her mom, she is a happy toddler most of the time, and she gets to go to the community center a lot and they have a dollhouse. Paris is able to make just enough money to provide for herself and her toddler. Paris makes stuff out of wood and fabricates things to make some extra money outside of foraging.

Elena and Jensen’s Wedding

During this time Elena got married to a man named Jensen he is a spellcaster. Elena didn’t want to be lonely so she found a partner who shared similar interests and they fell in love. Paris and London attended the wedding as well. Everything seems to be working out well for these two so far. Come back next week to see if disaster strikes. I mean anything could happen, also nothing could happen, who knows? Except me. 😉

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