Rags to Riches Gen 2 Part 2

What’s up? I figured when I wrote a part one then I guess I should write a part two :). So we left off Paris and London hanging out with no house at the community center. Since then Paris has met this new man named Gavin he is very nice and Paris likes him very much. London however is not too fond of him, ever since Paris started dating him London has been a bit on edge. London does not want to become the third wheel in this relationship, for as long as she can remember it has always been her and her mom.

London as a child

London is a kid and her mom is trying to raise her the best she can but they’re a little short on money, ok fine a lot short. London tries to help out the best she can but she has school. She tries to do her best in school but is a little hard when you have no food at home and no desk to study at. Right around this same time Paris’ mother Elena died of old age and was buried at the family cemetery.

Paris and Gavin dated for a while then when they were at the romance festival Paris popped the question and they became engaged. She was tired of waiting for him and was ready for a full-time man to be in her life. After that, they waited a little bit until Paris had a decent size house and a toilet before they got married. Their wedding was the best sims wedding I’ve ever seen, there were so many cute photos!

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