Rags to Riches Gen 2 Part 3

Hello! We last left off on an exciting point in this story and that is when Pairs and Gavin just got married. They are so cute! So now we have to figure out what is in the future for these two. Once Gavin moved in with Paris I realized he had Handiness and Fabrication at level 10 so he can make all of the furniture we need for the house. Paris did a bunch of gardening to get money then she gave the money to Gavin who then made stuff out of wood or with the fabricator. They are a great team!

Paris is still dumpster diving, they travel to the community center a lot to make things and talk to others about making the town nice. London aged up into a teen and she is excelling at school, she has her own room now. London’s dream is to go to University to study to become a doctor. On another note, Paris and Gavin are having a baby how exciting. Gavin has been working hard building this new baby a room and a bed to sleep in. Below are the pictures I took so you guys could see the family.

Leah as a Toddler

After three sim days, Paris gave birth to a healthy baby girl and she was named Leah. Her dad built Leah her own room and she loved every bit of it. Just for the sake of time, Leah has already aged up into a toddler. Leah has black hair like her dad and blue eyes like her mom. Next week we move out London to go to college. London has already submitted her application and is hoping to get accepted soon.

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