Rags to Riches Gen 1 Part 2

This post is the second part of a previous post (obviously) and if you have not read part one I recommend you do now. Welcome back! Now that you have some additional information on the subject we can continue. Elena was starting from nothing and now she has something, something great! We last saw Elena dumpster diving in Evergreen harbor trying to find her next meal, now she has evolved quite a lot.

This is the ground solar panel that Elena installed in the backyard

Now that she has a house and has furnished most of it she can try to get a job. She is also trying to get her neighborhood to be nice and so she has installed many solar panels in her house to make it more eco-friendly. On another note, she also got to know more of the people in the neihborhood and one of those poeple is Knox Greenburg. He is one of the promotional salesmen that come with the pack, he is always asking if you want to support whatever cause he is supporting currently.

Anyway, Elena got a little too involved with Knox, one night things started to heat up and Elena got pregnant. Knox did not want a child as soon as he found out he flat out denied it. He just wanted to pretend like nothing ever happened he could not damage his reputation. He is the main town influencer, after all, I mean who are you going to believe? The homeless new girl or Knox the well know salesman? So now Elena has to make furniture and provide for her new child. Here is a photo of Elena’s house after she has furnished most of it and added the solar panels.

This is Elena’s house, it is a tiny house.
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